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The World’s best-selling underfloor heating brand



The World’s Best-Selling Underfloor Heating Brand

The World’s Best-Selling Underfloor Heating Brand

Why underfloor heating?

Why underfloor heating?

Warmup underfloor heating

Energy efficient and low running costs

Since floor heating uses a lower temperature than standard radiators, heating costs are reduced and savings can be achieved by circa 10% on energy bills. We will provide the running costs for the system at design stage, so there is an informed decision. Our systems require little or no maintenance, bringing the long term costs down as well.

Design freedom

The system is invisible and frees up wall space as bulky radiators are not needed. This provides more space to be used and enjoyed.

Tailored temperature control

Using our precise thermostats, zoned heating control allows choosing the temperature wanted, in the areas needed and at the perfect time to suit the user schedule.

Reduced dust circulation and increased safety

The radiant heat produced by the system reduces humidity and air circulation, meaning that there are fewer dust mites and allergens in the indoor air. There are also no hot low-level surfaces or hard metal edges, as with radiators, making the system child friendly.

Comfort & warm floors

An even temperature, controlled by our precise and exclusive thermostats, creates a supremely comfortable environment. Warmth radiates from floor level, where the heat gently rises upwards, heating the room evenly.

Why Warmup?

Best Products

We have the toughest, dual-fluoropolymer, thinnest (1.8mm diameter) heating wire on the market. Our wet underfloor heating systems come fully designed and supplied with a full set of high-quality components.

Warmup best services

Best Services

We offer total support before, during and after installation for all clients including homeowners, installers, specifiers and retailers.

Best Warranties

All our products are supported by industry-leading guarantees. We offer a Lifetime Warranty on several of our floor heating products. Additionally, we offer a SafetyNet™ Installation Guarantee on our heating systems.

Warmup best warranties

Best research and development

We own a multi-million euro EN442-2 Research and Development Centre in Germany, test facilities and monitored post occupancy houses across Europe.

warmup best research and development
warmup best Accreditation

Best Accreditations

All our systems comply with the EU directives and regulations, are CE marked and accredited by various independent third party institutions including BEAB, VDE, FIMKO, SEMKO and UL. In addition, we are members of BEAMA and TTA.

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