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Thermostats and Heating Controls

Choosing the correct thermostat is crucial to ensuring that the heating system works effectively, efficiently and easily. To provide an optimum heating experience, Warmup offers a wide range of floor heating controllers from simple manual thermostats to the latest, remotely accessible Smart thermostats.

Warmup Thermostat Categories

With over 20 years of innovation and expertise, Warmup’s range of floor heating thermostats offer the best solutions in heating management.

Whether a simple, dial-based electric floor heating thermostat or a technologically advanced smart floor heating controller – we have a variety of options to suit all heating requirements. Avoid wasting energy and achieve big savings on energy bills by installing a Warmup floor heating thermostat .


Working automatically, with wireless communication and app-based technologies, Warmup’s range of smart thermostats are our most advanced heating controllers. 

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Simpler than our smart thermostats, Warmup’s programmable thermostats allow programming the heating usage and personalisation for the heating schedule. 

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Even simpler than dial-based thermostats to control floor heating systems, we can offer a range of manual thermostats. Easy to use – just twist to control for immediate heat.

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Our complete range of floor heating thermostats

Know which type of thermostat is right for the project’s heating system? See below for the complete Warmup range of floor heating controllers.


The 4iE Smart WiFi Thermostat finds the smart way to heat more efficiently.

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Programmable, energy-monitor thermostat that offers precise temperature control.

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Programmable thermostat with easy to use dial and sliders.

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No need of programming, simply target the desired comfort temperature.

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Thermostat buying guide

Not certain which type of floor heating thermostat is right?
Read our buying guide to learn exactly which Warmup floor heating thermostat would suit each project and each heating system.

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